A New Year–Kicking off a new look!

Hello one and all!

With the start of the new year, I’ve really been thinking back on just how far my photography has come within this last year. Here’s a little rundown on all my success (and maybe that’ll explain why I get so giddy about my photography business these days!).

This year, I spent much more time advertising using all forms of social media, promoting myself and my skills through FB, the local university, and word of mouth. And guess what?! It paid off! I was able to double my clientele. I even set up my first  giveaway to celebrate reaching over 100 fans on my facebook page! Not to mention that between January and December of 2012, I shot more photo sessions than I ever have in one years’ time. This, of course, made it possible for me to add a bunch of new toys to my photography bag, which made the quality of my photography even better–What a year!

So, at the start of 2013, I see fit to give my business a new clean look–a clean slate where I can continue to build my business off of the wonderful experience I’ve gained thus far. And so, here’s to a makeover blog and website. Here’s to a new year. And, here’s to the same fun-loving, happy-hearted, Heather Hiding Photography.

With love,



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