Heather Young — that’s me! 

Avid Photographer. Studying Musician. Future Educator. Wife.


Behind the Lens.

Hi! I’m Heather Young & I’m a Utah County Wedding & Family Photographer working out of Provo, Utah (but have relocated to the Dallas, TX area til the end of August, 2013). I’m often visiting Southern California and am also available for traveling shoots, too. If I can get there via train, plane or car, we can work out the details. So, if  you’re far, just give me a ring and we’ll talk.

What do I do? 

I am currently a student at Brigham Young University studying Music Education. My major interests include singing in the shower, playing piano ’til my fingers ache​, and of course, photographing the joys of love, family & life.

My inspiration.

Heather Hiding, my favorite children’s book written by Nancy White Carlstrom, portrays the sweet and simple story of a little girl, Heather, trying to find her place in the world. Through the book, Heather finds out that while her brothers and sisters all are wonderfully athletic, smart or fast, she too has a gift. Her talent is being small enough to stay hidden and observe the world around her during a game of Hide and Seek.

​We all have our talents, our own personal gifts. Mine is being able to see beauty in the world & people around me. When I’m photographing what I see through the lens of my Canon DSLR, I can hide away from all the toils and troubles of the world and shoot what is beautiful & good & joyous!

​My camera is my happy place; my hiding spot from the rest of the world. It is the medium in which I choose to best portray the world around me. I am simply a bystander, camera in hand, ready to capture what everyone else passes by. I am…Heather Hiding.

​How I got started.

When I was fourteen, I decided to save up all my money to purchase my very own camera. It was a Canon Powershot point-and-shoot (I’m a Canon-lover at heart!) which I simply adored. I had my start in macro photography–specifically nature and flowers. But, since the day I brought home my first point and shoot, I have had experience taking pictures of a variety of subjects; from flowers to faces, people to places, I’ve got the photography skills and experience to capture your every photography need.

My specific skills lie in photographing Weddings, Family Portraits & Newborns. I have a variety of experience in photographing other events as well–from commercial dance promos, head shots, prom & graduation. If you are looking for a photographer for any of these other events, give me a ring (on the phone, not the jewelry)!

​What’s in my photography bag?

I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi and love my 50mm 1.8 lens. I also have a telephoto zoom lens that I use for sports photography and grabbing those candid shots at wedding receptions and large gatherings. I shoot mostly using natural light sources, but of course I have a speed light and light reflector on hand in case the light conditions aren’t ideal.

​I have training in Adobe Photoshop and inDesign, which gives me the skills to create lovely products for you to frame and enjoy!

​* I will note here that although I know my way around Photoshop, I do not agree with, nor will I be compelled to Photoshop any photo into looking unrealistic. You are beautiful without a face lift or tummy tuck, so I’d like to keep you looking like, well, YOU! Nonetheless, I will make you shine, just like the bright star that you are.


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