Interested in taking the plunge & investing in a family or wedding photographer? Let me tell you all the reasons that I might be just what you are looking for!

​As a bride and wife, I know how crazy it can be to plan a wedding, or even get those pictures taken for the annual family Christmas card. I know how tough it can be to keep track of all the little details and make sure everything goes as planned. So, why not just worry about smiling and enjoying yourself, and let me take care of everything else?!

Yes, I’m a photographer, but oh am I so much more than that! I’m a wedding planner, a designer, an artist, a people-person, an editor, etc. etc. I’m a hawk when it comes to scoping out the perfect shot and a scientist when it comes to analyzing the light in any environment. My job is much more than simply snapping a photo. It’s about getting to the heart of wonderful people. Thanks for letting me into your life–to capture the joy of you and your family.

Keep in mind that each shoot is different, everyone’s situation unique. I am more than willing to tailor your shoot to your needs. On a tight budget? I understand! Let’s work something out. Maybe mini sessions is the way for you to go. Need more photos? Yes please! I’ve got à la carte pricing just for you!

All traveling shoots within San Jose County require a travel fee of $25 in addition to the package price. For anything outside of San Jose County, travel fees begin at $30. Again, don’t hesitate to contact me about travel quotes. I’m all yours–as long as train, plane or car can get me to where you are!


Engagements     $150

You receive 30-35 edited and retouched photos for use on your wedding announcement or save the date.




Bridal Package     $100

You receive 20 edited and retouched photos to show off your beauty. *Bring the groom along for no extra fee for some lovely “First look” photos.




The Big Day     $500

This package includes full day Wedding Day coverage, from getting ready in the morning to meeting at the Ceremony/Temple, all the way to the big wedding celebration!

You receive 100 edited and retouched photos.




The Whole Kit & Caboodle     $650

Complete Photo coverage from day one.

Package includes: Engagements (30-35 photos), Bridals (20 photos), Full day Wedding coverage (100 photos) — This includes complete coverage of the Ceremony/Temple Grounds & Reception




Newborn     $150 

You receive 30-35 edited and retouched photos. *To get those sleepy, day-dreaming newborn photos we all know and love, newborns must be no older than 2 weeks. Contact me for more info on why that is.

Family Portraits     $100* 

You receive 20 edited and retouched photos.

*Price is for a family of 5. Each additional person adds $10 to the set package price.



Mini Sessions available starting at $50. 30 minute session yielding 10 retouched photos. Use a mini session to test out my work; for a short family session, a quick save-the date shoot, or even a senior portrait shoot.

**Mini sessions cannot be used for newborn or wedding shoots, unless the client is already purchasing a full wedding/newborn package and simply wants a few more photos**


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